My name is Alexunder Hess, a Product Designer.

My goal for any project is to find a balance between users' needs and business goals and to transform challenging and complex tasks into intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use products that bring money to businesses and solutions and joy to people.  

TransportPay, mobile app design









Also, I create 3D models, personal projects, devices mockups and animations.











About Alexander Hess

I am a multidisciplinary designer, currently working as a Senior Product Designer at ICF Next, Toronto. Before that, I worked at TribalScale (Toronto), (Minsk), Banuba Development (Minsk).

Born and raised in Belarus, I moved to Toronto in 2018. As a self-taught designer, I spend time learning new skills. I currently explore the world of AI, Machine Learning, 3D, Motion Design through different angles.

I strongly believe that best products not only solve problems and needs people have but give positive emotions through seamless usability, responsive interactions, relevant illustrations, high performance and predictable motion. These small but magical things inspire users to change their vision of life, and I am passionate to be part of this changing.

My working process includes users' needs and behaviors research, user flows creation, wireframes, user interface mockups and prototypes design and development, then tests and improvements. All the stages are very important whether I work alone or in a team. Nevertheless, I think that the best products are born in collaboration with other Designers, Developers, Product Managers and Quality Engineers.

I had an opportunity to take part in a number of projects of different scale and stages, from the rough idea to complete rethinking of an existing product. These skills together with experience in psychology and marketing help me to understand and solve users’ problems and needs in the best way using design as a tool.